More than ten years of cultivation in time/frequency area, grasp leading technology of time/frequency in the world


In the earlier time, XGTime was dealing with the R&D, manufacturing and sales of different types of telecom instruments, including access & transport instrument, Ethernet testers, OTDR, PCM Channel analyzer, optical instruments, etc. Since releasing these products to the market, XGTime has gained warm welcome and received good reputation from customers worldwide. In 2010, XGTime started to research and develop time/frequency synchronization series products. Nowadays XGTime has put focus on time and frequency synchronization measurement area after 10 years of development. 

XGTime has independently developed the time/frequency synchronization measurement series with three generations so far, covering different testing scenarios such as certification organization, R&D, Mid-term test at production, manufacture, engineering at site, daily maintenance, etc. They can meet the testing requirements from different industries and fields. And the customers can order the products based on their actual requirements respectively. 

1st generation of time/frequency synchronization measurement series: dedicated for 3/4G networks and power grid with accuracy better than nanoseconds, to fill the gap in the field of time/frequency measurement in China and meet the basic test requirements for time/frequency synchronization. 


In Oct. 2010 to May 2011 Started to research and develope XG7010 IEEE 1588 Time Analyzer

In May 17th, 2011 Formally released XG7010 IEEE 1588 Time Analyzer to the market on World Telecommunication Day

In May 2012 Launched XG7230 Sync Analyzer to meet the demand of time/frequency synchronization measurements internationally

In Dec. 2011 to Aug. 2012 Started to develop XG7050 Precision Time Analyzer for being used in certified organizations, telecom manufacturers, power systems, etc

In Feb. 2013 Improved and upgraded XG7050 Precision Time Analyzer according to the customers’ comment and feedback after being used on-site

In Nov. 2013 to Mar. 2014 Launched XG7000 Time Analyzer, the smallest and most portable time tester in the world

In Mar. 2014 Added functions like OAM test, PTP timestamp, dTE/cTE in XG7050 to follow up the latest synchronization measurement standards

2nd generation of time/frequency synchronization measurement series: Launched this comprehensive test instrument to follow up the newly-released standards (G.8262, G.8273.2) of ITU-T in the packet-based networks. It has brand-new design ideal and platform, and combines the advantages of previous products with world-class design technology for instrument. It can meet the test requirements for better accuracy and more features in packet-base networks

In Sep. 2015 Launched the flagship product XG7280 Time/Frequency Sync Analyzer after 2 years of research and development. It is based on a brand-new designed platform and fully complies with latest ITU-T recommendations after absorbing the advantages of previous products and combining with users’ actual test experience and requirement 

In Apr. 2016 Added test functions of CMCC Institute including time synchronous OAM automatic test and time synchronous interoperability automatic test in XG7280 Time/Frequency Sync Analyzer

In Nov. 2016 Added some functions to comply with ITU-T G.8275.1, G.8273.2, and E1 test standards in XG7280 Time/Frequency Sync Analyzer

3rd generation of time/frequency synchronization measurement series: dedicated for 3/4G networks with new requirements in different scenarios, industries and areas. It combines the advantages of previous products and has international design ideal of instrument with brand-new style. It is not just updating from previous generations, but adds many functions such as multiple channels testing (up to 32channels) at the same time, and PRC/PRTC/ePRTC measurements to be done in only one instrument. So far this technology is in the leading position internationally. In addition, based on common-view technology, it has following features: 1) the time measurement accuracy is better than 5ns (refer to UTC); 2) time measurement resolution is 22ps; 3) PTP ports support 25GE/50GE/100GE; 4) PTP high precision time measurement accuracy is better than 1ns; 5) it can meet the new test requirements in 5G networks. 


In Aug. 2018 Launched the 3rd generation products SyncEdge and SyncOne with new platform and style to meet the requirements of high precision measurements in 5G networks and engineering sites

In Oct. 2018 Launched SyncOne-M for simultaneous testing with multiple channels or multiple combinations of time and frequency signals, to improve the test efficiency and reduce the test cost 

In Apr. 2019 Added HPS-C card in SyncOne-A for PTP ultra-high precision time measurements of 5G networks

In May 2019 Cooperated with NTSC and launched SyncCV series to meet the new requirements of 5G time servers

XGTime would continue to develop new products and make improvements constantly according to users’ requirements and development of new technology, and strive to release more world-class time and frequency synchronization measurement series.