More than ten years of cultivation in time/frequency area, grasp leading technology of time/frequency in the world

Industry Position

Since going into the time/frequency synchronization field, XGTime has actively participated in the formulation of standards, closely concerned on the technology development and regularly attended various annual conferences and forums. So far we have promoted a series of time/frequency measurement products, establishing a foundation and good influence in the industry. Since the release of time and frequency synchronization products, especially the measurement products to the market, we have gained warm welcome and good reputation from certification organizations, telecom operators and institutes, power system, rail transit, military enterprises, etc. Our market share is growing all the time, and we get the preferential procurement from telecom giants like telecom device manufacturing units worldwide and Chinese telecom operators. All about these show that we have strong technology capacity and that we are in leading position in the time/frequency synchronization measurement industry in China. More importantly, we have broken the monopoly of similar products from foreign countries and fill up the gap of high-end time/frequency synchronization instrument made in China. 

•XGTime participates regularly in the drafting and discussion of time/frequency synchronization standards organized by China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and Dynamic Monitoring Working Group of Power System (Formerly known as WAMS and Time Synchronization Working Group) 

•XGTime regularly attends the National Time/Frequency Academic Conference, China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference, Optical Network Seminar, China International Optoelectronic Summit Conference (CIOEC), ITFS etc., to exchange and communicates with experts from time/frequency industry, to get the latest dynamic information about technology development, and to demonstrate the new products and achievements of XGTime in different industries as well 

•XGTime is increasingly recognized by the users such as CAICT, Beijing Metrology Institute, Guizhou Metrology Institute, the Testing Technology Center of Traffic Science Institute, China Railway Electrification Engineering Group and CRSC, etc for its unique advantages in the field of time/frequency synchronization measurement and certification & validation. These users have successively purchased lots of such time/frequency synchronization analyzers from XGTime to implement verification test of equipment being lined up with the network and to carry out metric authentication, indicating that the performance of XGTime’s time/frequency series products has reached professional metering level. 

•XGTime exchanges and communicates occasionally with research institutes of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom about time/frequency synchronization technology, to explore synchronous test solutions and to develop synchronous test products timely that meet the demand of the telecom market development. At present, XGTime participates the integrated procurement of these three telecom giants in the applications of new technology and solutions of synchronization measurements. 

•XGTime has live communication periodically with mainstream telecom device manufacturing units at home and abroad like ZTE, FiberHome, Ericsson about the technology, demonstration, product trial, etc, and makes improvement constantly on the products based on their comment and feedback. So far, XGTime has become the only one domstic supplier of these enterprises in time/frequency synchronization measurement area, and other well-known telecom manufacturers also purchase the synchronzation measurement products from XGTime. 

•XGTime has attended the discussion and field application of telecom operators for synchronization technology and solutions, and grasped rich experiance in on-site application. So far, XGTime has occupied 40% market share in China mobile for field testing instrument in timing synchronization area.

•In the power industry, many users have purchased XGTime’s time/frequency synchronization measurement instrument, such as China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, and Electric Power Research Institutes from some provincial electricity companies, etc. Also XGTime has made some functional improvement on the products to meet the demand of power system, in which special time synchronization measurements are required to be taken for the devices in power system and intelligent substation. In addition, XGTime cooperated with China Electric Power Research Institute and developed time application evalution system, which provides effective solutions for detecting the synchronization performance of the access power products.

Through the unremitting efforts of around ten years in the field of time/frequency synchronization measurement, XGTime has released many products that have been widely used in many different industries so far and gets warm welcomed and good recognition from the users. And still there is no doubt that XGTime shall strive to launch more and more new products with hard working and persistent efforts and contribute more for the progress and development of time/frequency synchronization technology!