More than ten years of cultivation in time/frequency area, grasp leading technology of time/frequency in the world


XGTime has completely mastered the core and key technologies of time service, time keeping, and time/frequency synchronization measurements after 10 years of research and development; and also applied for a number of time/frequency technology patents from National Intellectual Property Administration, including  IEEE 1588 time analyzer (Patent No.: 201120047753.x), measurement reference system of time analyzer (Patent No.: 201220050684.2), precise time/clock service analyzer (Patent No.: 201220751188.x) , an integrated time-keeping system(Patent No.: ZL 2017 2 1080192.7), Multi-channel time/frequency analyzer(Patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0586483.1), etc., and there are still more patents following up later.


In addition, the time/frequency measurement series products that XGTime launched have been calibrated and certified by the authorities like National Institute of Metrology and CTTL, and meet the qualification with each technical index.