More than ten years of cultivation in time/frequency area, grasp leading technology of time/frequency in the world

R&D Capacity

XGTime has capacity to independently research and develop time/frequency synchronization analyzers and other related products. It fully grasps the core technology and has a high-quality, experienced and energetic R&D team with strict development flow and management system. In each year, XGTime shall develop 2~3 new products and make improvement or updating on present products either.

So far XGTime has grasped the following technologies regarding time/frequency synchronization.

•Know well about the standards and profiles of ITU-T, IEEE, MIIT, ISP, Power, Railways,  etc. 

•Fully master time/clock interfaces technology, and follow up closely the relevant updating standards

•Master 32/64bits SCM application technology and the structure of x86 industrial computer

•Master WINCE/WIN7 OS and embedded real-time system control technologies 

•Master FPGA, DSP technologies

•Master high-speed sampling of digital signals and detection & analysis of small signals

•Master high-precision time interval measurement technology

•Master TIE test and TDEV, MTIE analysis methods

•Master frequencies wander generation, clock offset circuit technology 

•Master E1 jitter generation, tolerance and measurement technology

•Master IEEE1588(PTP) technology, and capable of self-constructing protocol stack

•Master ultra-high-precision time service technology like satellite common-view, satellite two-way technology

•Know well about GNSS time service technology, rubidium oscillator and its disciplining characteristics

•Master the technology of atomic clocks management system

•Master time scale algorithm, clock bias prediction algorithm and clock steering algorithm

•Master multi-channel phase comparison technology, and frequency and phase adjustment technology

•Capable of providing customized service for relevant time/frequency synchronous products 

To meet the development of technology and the demand of market about the time/frequency synchronization, XGTime not only independently researches and develops, manufactures products with its own brand, but also exchanges and cooperates with various scientific institutes and universities by introducing their technology or through cooperative development to transform scientific achievements into productivity. So far XGTime has signed strategic cooperation agreement with NTSC of Chinese Academy of Sciences, who agreed to cooperate further with XGTime with its present research achievement. With the powerful technology strength & scientific achievement of NTSC, plus the strong product development & marketing capacity of XGTime, we would surely accelerate to deliver more new products to satisfy the needs of the market in the area of time/frequency synchronization. 


In addition, XGTime undertakes the technical research project of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission “Research and Development on ultra-high precision time/frequency synchronization measurement system for 5G networks”, and develops a series of products for 5G network applications, which has deep influence on the deployment and product chain of 5G networks.